Retriever / Gun Dog Training

Mill Creek Kennels is a comprehensive training/boarding facility that includes Basic Obedience, Beginning and Advanced Gun Dog Training. We strive to mold your "best friend" into a disciplined hunting companion both in the field and at home with the family.


As an avid duck hunter since 1965, Mike has hunted ducks from the river bottoms of West Tennessee to the Rice Fields of Arkansas and Missouri. He understands the training needed for a well disciplined gun dog. "There is nothing worse than hunting over a dog that is out of control in a pit or blind and cannot mark downed birds or take casts from hand or whistle." Mike's gun dog program assures the handler that their retriever companion will have the basics needed to perform respectively in a hunting environment.

Monthly training is $700. All monthly fees include training, boarding, food, and heartworm prevention (Advantage Multi).*Note: Mill Creek will administer other approved heartworm preventative medication as requested by customer.

Each client, with a dog in training, is encouraged to participate in the learning process as much as possible to become a better handler at no additional charge.


Based on experience from professional canine behavior specialist and gun dog trainers nationwide, four to six weeks is typical to complete a basic obedience program. Commands taught are SIT, STAY, DOWN, HERE, and HEEL. Training methodology begins with short-lead commands, elevating to extended check chord, to final finish with the dog at remote locations without lead.

This program is designed to teach simple handling concepts. Training begins with "Yard" concepts combining basic obedience skills with whistle, force fetch, hand casting, and e-collar conditioning. During this phase of training, retrieving desire is tested by thrown birds and bumpers. Gradually, the retriever is introduced to simple field work in both land and water where steadiness is encouraged. Live birds, gunfire, and blinds are introduced at this time. Average completion time is eight to twelve months respectively.

The Advanced Gun Dog Training program is focused on long-term commitments requiring two to three years of extensive training. This commitment is for the owner who requires a level of experience from the retriever that surpasses the basic commands and is interested in not only a well-developed gun dog that takes commands on whistles and casts but also interested in competitive AKC/HRC hunt tests.